Formulas for Sets

Due by Tue, 20 Aug 2019

Write a function/program in any programming language to list all the closed formulas in the language of sets. Recall that this is the first-order language with a single constant $\phi$ and a relation $\in$ of degree $2$ (plus the equality relation). A closed formula means a formula with no free variables.

The solution can be either a function that we can import and interact with in a REPL/console/notebook or a program to which we give appropriate input (as below) and get output as desired. Concretely:

  1. Fix representations in some data structures for terms and formulas in the language of sets.
  2. Have a function/method giving an output string for each formula (any unambiguous and readable representation is fine. One way is to use unicode for mathematical symbols).
  3. Define a function (or write a program) to list n closed formulas given an integer n (as an argument to a function or input to a program). Listing the first n functions in any order is fine, but any given formula should appear for large enough n. For example if n is large enough the formula $\forall A \forall B\exists C(\forall x\ (x\in C \iff (x\in A \lor x\in B )))$ should be output (in your chosen string representation).

Remark: It may be useful to recursively define a function giving all formulas (including those that are not closed) involving a given finite set of variables and with complexity at most k for some appropriate definition of complexity.

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